computer science college essay

The presentation explained how fast the technology is developing, and how the world is going to change with all the novelties. That was when it struck me. I was fascinated by all the innovations of Google, Microsoft, and other corporations. I was so enthralled by these innovations that I felt I want to make a novel change in the world just like those innovations. I consulted the IT teachers at school, and I searched about what majors I could take. I looked into this matter rationally, and I was able to perceive the situation with a more mature state of the brain. Computer science captivated me once again. The security and programming languages courses offered at Cornell especially interested me. Because the 21st century is the age of information, protecting one’s data and information will be crucial. I want to make a difference, bringing innovations just like the ones that I saw in the video that inspired me to pursue this course.

I was fascinated by all the innovative technology of Google, Microsoft, and other corporations.

To me, it felt as if there was almost no futur e. to me.

As I was deciding which IB courses to take in my junior year, I spent time pondering about what I want to do in the future.

I had envisioned that moment for years, but that night, I was too delirious to grasp it. As I stood in the podium and looked at the shiny medal of the International Olympiad in Informatics 2009 on my neck, teardrops blurred my eyes. Five years ago, a senior told me that there was no place for girls in the National Team. Yet there I was, standing among the best high school programmers, as the first rank of my country and second-ranked female worldwide.


And being the no. 2 high school female programmer in the world kinda matters.

I like how the writer tried to squeeze in her real achievements (Olympiad, efficient distribution route for family business, etc) into the essay without being snobbish. The writer showed her effort, passion, and direction. The essay gives the impression that she knows what she is doing, where she is heading to, and what she needs to help her go to where she wants to be. Very nicely written, considering how much information she conveyed with this short essay.

My interest in applied science dates back to my school days. During high school, I was fascinated with electronic gadgets. Soon thereafter, designing and building basic circuits started as a hobby. Along the way, however, I realized that the problem-solving aspect of making electronic gadgets was what I enjoyed the most. Engineering was a natural career choice after this.


During my undergraduate studies at the Electronics & Communication department of M.K. College of Engineering, subjects like Microprocessors, C-Programming, Computer Networks interested me the most. I was awestruck by the potential of Intel 8086 microprocessor, more so by the manner in which its faster and more powerful cousins revolutionized the working of computers in a decade. I was now determined to focus on microprocessors during my Final Year project.

While my present job has helped me develop a thorough insight into project handling, the industry environment that I am currently in cannot support my desire for research. I possess industry-hardened skills in Computers, but I must build on these to achieve my goal of undertaking cutting-edge research in advanced computing, with specific reference to Computer Networks. I therefore believe that I must return to the academic world for further growth.

Computer science is very important to today’s economy. The field of computer science is typically associated with the development of computer programs. Computer programs enable companies to conduct their business. Program improvements can have a very important influence over the ability of businesses to be efficient and successful.

I plan to pursue a career in computer science. Computer scientists study theoretical and practical approaches to computation. They also work to design systems that enable the processing, communication and storage of information. I expect to spend some time working as a software developer. In the long term, I am interested in developing my own technology startup company.

However, the field of computer science is not limited to programming. Networks, security protocols and computer networks are all created by computer science professionals. Furthermore, individuals with advanced computer science degrees may also go on to instruct the next generation of degree majors. In essence, individuals who earn computer science degrees develop skills that enable them to develop new products capable of revolutionizing the world.

The government plays a role in my future career prospects as both a facilitator of my education and as a potential employer. First of all, college isn’t free. The availability of affordable school loans is essential to my education, particularly if I decide to attend graduate school in order to earn an advanced degree. The federal government plays a major role in providing loan aid to students, and the federal government also determines whether loan forgiveness for particular careers, degrees or student groups is an option. Therefore, government policy that impacts the availability or payback requirements of student loans will influence my ability to obtain a degree, which will in turn influence the job opportunities that are available to me. Any advanced degrees or costly certifications I may earn in the future, in particular, will be dependent upon the availability of student aid.

Free sample essay on Computer Technology: Since the beginning of time technology has helped us out as a human race. From the invention of the wheel to the Internet, technology has been a great factor on the way our civilization has grown. With more and more technological advances just around the corner, our civilization will continue to grow faster and faster than ever before.